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“If you are evaluating your relationship with alcohol and especially if you have decided it might not be for you, Jen's approach is phenomenal. She approaches her work with care and compassion, and without judgment. She gives you the tools you need to evaluate the role of alcohol in your life, and to become alcohol free if you choose that path.”


“I’m a physician and have referred Jennifer Lyons many patients to help them transition off alcohol. She is amazing and her success rate has been exceptional. Her skill set has been invaluable for my patients who don’t meet the criteria for alcoholism in most cases, but need to learn how to socialize and relax without alcohol. She has a very high emotional IQ, a very sound grasp of the science and physiology of alcohol consumption and her systems are very thorough. I endorse her services without reservation. She will 100% change your life and your relationships for the better.”

Dr Sean Breen

“When I met Jennifer, I was drinking daily and it was destroying my health. I wanted to take a break to improve my health, but I was having trouble finding motivation to stay alcohol-free for more than a few days at a time. There always seemed to be an excuse for a drink! Jennifer helped me through social challenges, we identified drinking triggers and made a plan to conquer each of them as they arose. We worked on goal-setting and she helped me realize my alcohol use was holding me back in pursuing my dreams! She gave me the guidance and inspiration to stay alcohol-free. She is truly a gem in a space that so many people find themselves in.”


“This was a scary decision for me. I am a private person. Jennifer is so easy to connect with and truly guided my journey.”


“Join the club, people!! Trust Jennifer. You will not regret this. Jump in!! I went for the deep dive and broke up with alcohol!! I simply did not know much about the real truth and damaging effects of alcohol. I was resistant at first and it took me almost two months to really decide that I was over drinking and that it added no value to my life at all.”


“Jennifer’s energy is contagious. She holds me accountable which is a must for me to make progress.”


“Put yourself first. I wish I had met Jennifer ten years ago.”


“Before I contacted Jennifer, I was drinking seven days a week and I was going downhill. She has been a blessing to me! I always look forward to our weekly FaceTime! She has taught me so much that I did not know and helped me through this rough time in my life! With Jennifer’s help I am finally getting my life back!”


“I began my curiosity of going alcohol free back in October. I had already known one drink was never enough for me. I wasn’t comfortable going to an AA meeting, that just wasn’t for me. I have friends that thrive there, but knew I needed a different route to navigate my drinking, where I felt more comfortable. I have known Jennifer for many years prior and when I saw her new Sober Curious adventure I hopped on. It wasn’t until December 11, 2023 that I knew I was no longer able to modify/control my alcohol intake. I had hit what people call my rock bottom. Today I am 90 days AF! I could not have done any of this without Jennifer. Her knowledge, kindness, support and encouragement were outstanding and a lot of times it was hard and emotional and I had her for guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jen! 90 days and only going up from here!”


“Jennifer is incredible at what she does as it relates to working with people where they are in their respective relationship with alcohol. For me, I got into some bad habits during Covid and found myself drinking in some capacity daily, which after listening to Andrew Huberman's podcast on how alcohol impacts our bodies and mental function, I really wanted to 1) barf and 2) drastically reduce my intake, like yesterday. Jennifer gives you a variety of helpful tools and methods to reduce or completely quit drinking. I previously made all these excuses to justify my drinking, probably the same ones we all do, and Jennifer also helped me "aware" of what I was doing. I just started working with her at the end of December and already sent her one referral and will continue to do so as she is amazing. For me, and please note that I already had the desire to quit, but just couldn't for whatever reason, I was able to completely quit within 2-3 sessions. It is not easy, but she makes you aware and gives you the tools to do so.”


“I always find a reason to drink. I could not have started this new way of life without Jennifer as my mentor.”


“In working with Jennifer one-on-one, I have been like an onion peeling away layers and layers. Getting to know myself for the first time. I almost feel like I never really knew myself during my drinking career. Now I actually prefer to feel my feelings and would never consider drinking again. It is so overrated and Jennifer helped me gain deep insight into myself and taught me how to take back control of my life and relationships.”


“Jennifer has a gift for listening & the ability to truly hear. I love & am inspired by Jennifer’s hunger for life & I love that she is a former gray area drinker.”


“Jennifer’s expertise and way of communicating have given me the wonderful opportunity to be a better person in all areas of my life; not just my relationship with alcohol. So many doors are opening for me on this journey and I have Jennifer to thank for the kickstart.”