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I’m Jennifer Lyons.

My parents were sixteen when I was born.
Having grown up in a small midwestern town, the culture of my upbringing was more often than not – centered around alcohol.

It’s just what people did to ‘have fun.’

So. I lived & I learned…

Throughout my triple decades of drinking, I kept it together. Most of the time.

Life of the party. Played sports. Masters Degree at age twenty-two. California Credentialed Teacher. Entrepreneur. Obtained three more certifications related to psychology & helping others. Raised two healthy kids. Crafty DIY’er.

Tidy house. Zero debt. Loyal Friend.

But, through all of it, I leaned a little too hard on alcohol as my escape. I had my share of regrets & I can’t count the times I said,

“I’m never drinking again.”

As I got older, I noticed my hangovers became worse.

Alcohol had a grip on my mind & my body.

But, I still made excuses to justify my drinking.

One glass of wine became a bottle of wine.

I set rules. I broke them.

After getting a phone call, out of the blue, that a good friend of mine died in her sleep from alcoholism; I was done.

I declared that phone call as my ‘rock bottom.’
In her honor, I have not had one drop of alcohol since.

I got a grip on my drinking & made my physical, mental and spiritual health my top priority.

Jennifer Lyons Life Coach

Areas of Expertise

  • Private Practice as a Life Coach, 2011- present
  • Sober Coach, The Mental Health Collective Newport Beach, 2023-present
  • Gray Area Drinking Certified Coach
  • Masters in Social Work, Indiana University
  • Bachelors in Social Work, Indiana University/Purdue University
  • California Credentialed Teacher, National University
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • 2017 Tony Robbins Mastery Graduate
  • Former Gray Area Drinker, Over Three Decades

Quick Facts

  • Core value: Honesty
  • Love language: Quality time
  • Favorite movies: Avatar/The Notebook
  • Drink of choice: Herbal tea
  • Joy Seeker & Deep Breather
  • Believes karma is real
  • Loves candles & the outdoors
  • Biggest Frustration: The Alcohol Industry’s Societal Brainwashing


Peace with what you want.
Better sleep.
Solid decisions.
Lower anxiety.
Looking in the mirror & liking who you see…