Work With Me Online

Do you…

  • Need a break from the marathon of raising a teenager?
  • Feel overwhelmed?
  • Feel disconnected from your daughter?
  • Wish your wine glass was a crystal ball and could tell you what to do and how to be there for her?
  • Have trouble understanding this crazy world because it’s so. damn. different. from when we were kids?
  • Daydream about taking her phone and throwing it in the toilet?
  • Know that inside of her is a wonderful, confident, amazing woman just waiting to come out?
  • Feel at the end of your rope b/c suddenly your little girl feels like ‘Mom’ is a 5-letter word?

Does your daughter…

  • Seem fine, but you never can tell, can you?
  • Struggle to figure out who she is in the fast-paced world?
  • Soak in everything society is telling her b/c their messages are EVERYWHERE?
  • Buckling a bit under the pressure?
  • Give you the cold shoulder?
  • Need to laugh more?
  • Buck the system?
  • Lack a sense of authenticity?
  • Seem addicted to the online world as a way to find connection?
  • Barely resemble the little girl you once knew so well?

Why don’t we…
…Do this together.

I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to not only get your daughter talking, but get her moving in the right direction; one she has chosen, one she is proud of, one that will help lead her into the type of woman you’ve dreamed she would be.


A dose of my style

Sound Familiar? These are the hot spots we address in my work with your daughter!

  • technology overload
  • identity pressure
  • hookup culture
  • school & academic stress
  • friendship & social relationships
  • body image & self acceptance
  • parent relationships & dynamics
  • future & direction
  • drugs & alcohol
  • decision making

Drop me a line. Because being a mom is tough & you need more than wine to deal with it…