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“Hi there!
I’ve been a teacher for 14 years; in my high school English classes, I’ve noticed that my students are so filled with anxiety that they don’t have much brain power left for learning. I started practicing meditation with my students to try to get them to become more aware of what they could do to shift their mindset and develop a sense of self-awareness and confidence. Over the summer, I decided to take on a research project to learn how other experts help teens develop resilience and purpose. This research project turned into an online video summit, where I’ve interviewed over 21 experts who work with teens. I’ve interviewed an adolescent medicine specialist who focuses on mindfulness, academic life coaches, high performance coaches, and many more. (Check out the lineup of EXPERTS)

The summit is called LIT FROM WITHIN: Connecting teens with their own inner resources for success in school AND life.

It is FREE for anyone to attend. Although it’s aimed at teens and their parents, I know it will be valuable for teachers and anyone with kids in their life. You can register for FREE HERE. Each video is 10 minutes long, and you’ll get 3 videos each day for 24 days. Watch a few of them, watch all of them; I’ve done my best to make this EASY and ACCESSIBLE.

Here is what we’re talking about in the video interviews:

  • What researchers know about how teens study
  • Understanding the joys and limits of the teenage brain
  • How NOT to lose yourself in the comparison trap of social media
  • How to live with GRATITUDE, PURPOSE and PASSION
  • How teens and parents can develop a relationship based on RESPECT
  • How to develop daily habits that will serve you for LIFE
  • Teen nutrition and mental health
  • Developing a positive MINDSET


I know that many of you don’t have teens, but there are lots of STRATEGIES and inspiration that might help you to shift your understanding of how you relate to the preteens and teens in your life, and how you can set them up for success in school AND life. If nothing else, this is a neat way for you to see the work I’m passionate about.

Click HERE to gain FREE access to these incredible experts.”

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Deanne Barrett B.Ed., B.A., M.A.


Twitter @gratitudework