Should you “change” for someone else?

As we approach a New Year, we are often faced with new resolutions and big dreams… I will be more at peace. I will love more… I will eat less… I will exercise more… Sound familiar? It usually involves some sort of change. If you are willing to change for yourself, are you willing to change for someone else? Is that being true to yourself? I don’t know the answer, but my heart tells me, the answer is…..

no. no f’in way would I change for someone else.

My heart tells me that any change for someone else is only an adaptation of self and one that will not have much longevity.

The real ‘change’ has to come from within. Within that teeny little core strength where your light emanates. That A-ha moment that YOU – yourself – know there is some growth to be done. That is the best change, isn’t it? One that comes from you and is about you and your GROWTH…. ?

Be careful to remind yourself of this Truth. Truism. Commit to growing leaps and bounds, moving forward in life like an immaculate leaf floating down the river. You are all you need and you are in control of your life. Don’t be lettin’ nobody tell ya nothin’ different, ya hear?