Mom/Daughter Sessions


Here’s the nitty gritty: TEENS and MOMS fight because of a lack of mutual…

  1. Understanding and trust
  2. Perceptiveness
  3. Consideration and patience (guilty!)
  4. Forgiveness

And if you never learn how to talk to each other honestly, then you will never understand each other.

This 6-Week Session Package will teach you (both) all about:

  1. Contagious moodiness and negativity (and how to kick them to the curb)
  2. Recognizing limits (yes, even you have them)
  3. Giving space
  4. Regrouping
  5. How to love yourself and own your personality (this is a big one)

You will Discover…

  1. The importance of being who you are (no matter what)
  2. Transforming challenges into advantages
  3. Optimism and the power of love
  4. Your self-worth
  5. The strength you need to really, actually improve your relationship

When we are done you will know how to forgive each other, respect one another, find gentleness towards one another and — dare I say — like each other.

mom on back looking up

Sessions are held once/week for 6 weeks!

all 3 jumping