Letter to Girls

Hey you,

You’re reading this probably because your mom asked you to. She means well, I promise (in about 10 years you will be like, “Ok, she was right.”)

Or you’re thinking, “Who is this chick and why would I ever talk to her?”

Either way I like your style.

For now, let’s just get down to it.

I promise this won’t be a drag. I promise, promise, promise.

I know this because I see a lot of girls every day and even if they start with their guard completely up, once they realize that I’m not here to freak out, or tattle, judge them or go on and on about what to do and what not to do; they relax.

And that’s when we really start.

You may be thinking that you don’t have anything to talk about, or nothing is wrong, or why does your mom think this is a good idea.

But I know that’s a lie because you’re either in middle school, high school or college AND you are growing up. And nobody–not when I was your age, not now–escapes unscathed.

Because being in school and growing up can be brutal.

And then it’s not.

And then something happens and it is again.

  • Maybe your parents got divorced.
  • Or the guy you thought would never let you down, did.
  • Or you are adjusting to a new school and trying to make new friends.
  • Or the hobby you spent so much time on growing up suddenly lost your interest.
  • Or the stress of school is at an all time freakish high.
  • Or you’re feeling like you don’t measure up to the bodies you’re seeing on social media.
  • Or one misstep turned into complete social sabotage and you have no idea how to get back in with your friends.
  • Or even hearing the word ‘college’ gives you a headache because of all the possibilities…or the lack of possibilities.
  • Or roommate drama.
  • Or you have no clue who you are when it comes to drugs or alcohol, sex or your sexual identity.
  • And let’s not mention the other things, the things that you or your parents are afraid to even say.

But whatever it is, sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. Someone who is not your mom, your teacher or your friend. Someone who’s been there, done that, and isn’t going to judge, or tattle, or freak out.

And that’s kinda it. That’s what I’m about. So when your mom suggests us getting together, just go with it. Once. That’s all you have to give me: one shot.

At the very least it gets Mom off your back for a sec, and if I remember correctly, that’s a pretty big win.

Can’t wait to meet you!  See ya online!


Jennifer Lyons