Just Because…

Just Because… Are you For or Against?

We all know that saying, “Just Because…” Usually we reference it to “Just Because I Love You…,” but have you ever chosen to have a “Just Because” day from sun up to sun down? It can result in some magic twirls in your heart.

No joke. Try it.

Set your intention to simply have a “Just Because” day and allow it to flow as life comes your way. Not just with your loved ones, but co-workers, strangers, other drivers on the road…

Go the extra mile of DO-ing and BE-ing goodness and extend it out into the world.

Here are some examples of my “Just Because” day. A juicy fish kiss to greet my daughter when she woke up for school. A green smoothie next to my husband’s bed a minute before his alarm went off. A note in my son’s lunchbox saying how special he is in this world. A heartfelt wave to the supervisor at school drop off. A courteous ‘go ahead’ to the car that was in the wrong lane and needed to get over. A bit of an extra tip to the sweet waitress. I greeted the trash truck driver and gave him a little baggy of cashews and said thank you. What a magical way to spend a day…

No Joke. Try it… Just Because. You Can…

Jennifer Lyons
Transition Life Coach
Owner & Creator of LightSwitch Lessons
“Turn Yourself On To a Life Well Lived…”