Awesome Excerpt from The Book called: The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary

I ask to be released from the notion that I have any power over my child’s spirit.  I release my child from the need to obtain my approval, as well as from the fear of my disapproval.  I will give my approval freely as my child has earned this right.  I ask for the wisdom to appreciate the spark of my child’s ordinariness.  I ask for the ability not to base my child’s being on milestones reached.  I ask for the grace to sit with my child each day and simply revel in my child’s presence.  I ask for a reminder of my own ordinariness and the ability to bask in its beauty.  I’m not here to judge or approve my child’s natural state.  I’m not here to determine what course my child’s life should take.  I’m here as my child’s spiritual partner.  My child’s spirit is infinitely wise and will manifest itself in exactly the way it’s meant to.  My child’s spirit will reflect the manner in which I am invited to respond to my own essence.

From The Conscious Parent
by Shefali Tsabary