20 Somethings


You’re a 20 something.



(Usually) polite.

And getting your first real dose (or decade?) of the real world.


Whether you’re spending your paycheck at Sephora, having your BFF over to paint your picket fence, having your boyfriend over to paint your toes, getting whistles from strangers, or making your list of baby names…


One thing’s for sure:


None of it’s as easy as everybody makes it seem.


Maybe you’ve met Mr.Right. Maybe you have your apartment decorated to perfection (Thank you, Ikea.) Maybe mom and dad were oh-so-kind as to pay off your student loans (maybe not). But that doesn’t mean you love them any less. Maybe you’re even rockin’ your first Louis Vitton and remembering to take your vitamins every day. Maybe your idea of easy like Sunday morning is treating your friends to mimosas and brunch. And we both know you can afford more than 2 buck chuck.


There’s just one little problem:


You’re playing tug-of-war with yourself trying to keep it all together. (Face, meet sidewalk.)


The job. The savings. (Savings?) The “networking.” And all the fun little questions that pop up in between.


Wait, I was suppose to tip the valet? (DID I REALLY JUST USE A VALET?)

Starch for my…pants?

You’re suppose to “season” cast iron?

Without penny pitcher night, how am I suppose to meet…guys?

Does my boss like me?

Forget it, she hates me.

I swear she hates me.

Can’t I just Febreze it?

Hey. Lean Cuisines. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Lean Cuisines have MSG?!

What is MSG?

So, what does one bring to a baby shower, anyway?

Why! Isn’t! This! Student! Loan! Balance! Going! Down!

You can’t drink wine out of the bottle?

While you’ve gotten by ‘til now, you don’t just want to get by.


You want to look back on your twenties, and think: CHECKMATE.

You want to get a (rock solid) grasp on this whole real world thing.


You want to feel like you don’t have a job–but a career. You don’t have friends–but soul mates. And you don’t have a quarter life crisis–you’ve got a quarter life cocktail party.


And that’s where I come in. (Hi!)


If you’re a twenty something woman dipping her (OPI painted) toe into the river of life (that sounds profound, right?), then I’m the forty something woman who’s there to throw you an ore.


I help you love who you are–and who you’re becoming (even if right now, you’re feeling stuck/confused/scared to death of fine dining.)

I help you see the results of your hard work beyond a paycheck (let me guess–right now you’re feeling a little like, Is this it? Is this all I’ve worked so hard for?)


I help you have a real shot at nailing your dream job (a real shot of vodka can also work).


I help you give yourself permission to invite the real you to please.stand.up.


I help you shine with or without diamonds because you are enough.


And beyond my unconditional love, guidance & savvy know how, I surround you with other 20 something bachelorettes who know exactly how you feel. Exactly where you are. Exactly how you think. Exactly what it is like simply being 20 something in this chaos of a thing called life. The Real World.

I offer:

  • A free 15-minute phone consult so you can determine if having me as your bad ass sidekick works in this thing called life.
  • One-on-One Sessions: ME + YOU via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. We hash it out and brainstorm together about wtf is going on and you always leave with your chin up and a positive outlook on where you are going…And, I promise, you are going somewhere.

Bottom Line: I invite you to connect with me. Each of you. To share. To vent. To listen. To learn. To grow. To evolve.

To Unveil. (And not feel stupid about it.)

 Call me. Because life is tough and you need more than a pepperoni pizza and a hangover to deal with it (Usually.)

My mobile office is located at:
226 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, California, 92672